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Sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) are unfortunately exceedingly common and more worryingly, the majority of STI’s show very few or no symptoms at all. If you have found yourself in a situation where feel concerned about an aspect of your sexual health, or if you merely just want to keep an eye on your health, it is great to know that you have access to a range of at home STI self-test kits which will give you total peace of mind.

Our personal STI testing kits can easily be delivered directly and discreetly to your door offering you everything that you need for self-testing. These are the exact same tests that would be performed by your doctor, at a hospital or if you were to visit a sexual health clinic. The only difference is the can be conducted by yourself, anonymously and securely from the comfort of your own home. Our self-test kits are 99% accurate and deliver an answer within 10 minutes.

Why getting tested is so important?

80% of people who have an STI actually have no symptoms at all. Some STI’s will remain in your body without displaying any symptoms for many years. This can create long-term, irreparable harm and damage, such as infertility in men and women. If you have contracted either chlamydia and gonorrhea then you may find that if left undiagnosed, they may lead to more long-term consequences like pelvic inflammatory disease or even an ectopic pregnancy. By using one of our home STI self-test kits it helps you and your partner stay safe and healthy, now and in the future.

Types of home STI test kits available.

Chlamydia home tests.

Chlamydia is the most common and curable STI’s. Chlamydia has no symptoms in 80% of people and the only way to be certain that you don’t have it is by taking a chlamydia test. If the infection is not treated, longer term consequences may occur such as pelvic inflammatory disease and possibly even infertility. A symptom of chlamydia can be some pain or a burning sensation as a person urinates. Chlamydia develops after having unprotected sex and can be passed through skin-on-skin genital contact and through any contact with sexual fluids. A chlamydia test kit will let you carry out a test in the comfort of your own home without needing to see your usual doctor face to face.

Completing a home STI self-test kit is safe, easy to use, and completely confidential. If at any point you are experiencing severe symptoms like lower abdominal pain or abnormal or unusual bleeding, then you should NOT wait and you need to go straight to see a doctor, as these symptoms may need urgent treatment.

Gonorrhea home tests.

Gonorrhea is a very curable STI that is caused by a bacteria. Gonorrhea rarely shows any symptoms in sufferers and is one of the STI’s that can cause long-term consequences as mentioned earlier, like infertility. The only real way to be completely certain of whether or not you have it is by taking a test. Gonorrhea is most usually transmitted if you have had unprotected sex. This will include oral or anal sex and from the use of shared sex toys if they are not washed appropriately after use.

If contracted, the majority of men will experience symptoms of gonorrhea which commonly develop within two weeks of the infection. However, sometimes the condition may remain undetected for a long period of time and this is why we strongly recommend using a home STI test. Symptoms of gonorrhea in women are less common and visible than they are in men. Only around 50% of infected women will experience symptoms of gonorrhea. This often means that the lack of symptoms may lead to gonorrhea being left undetected and so untreated. If you have had recent unprotected sex, then you should wait for up to two weeks before you complete a home gonorrhea test. If any symptoms do appear within two weeks after unprotected sex then you need to see a doctor immediately.

Herpes home tests.

Genital herpes is an incurable STI which is caused by herpes (HSV) virus. There are two major types of HSV, Type 1 which is more commonly known as oral herpes or the everyday cold sore, and Type 2 which is most usually associated with genital infections. HSV will remain dormant after the initial infection in cells of the affected area of a person’s body for life and the virus often reactivates.

Usually, infected individuals do not for the most part experience any visible symptoms and so might never discover the infection. When there are symptoms these can be a burning or painful sensation when urinating, irritation and itching, blisters on sensitive places. Herpes home self-test kits can help you to diagnose the condition so that you are able to get the medication you need to quickly clear up the infection.

Syphilis home tests.

Syphilis is a less common condition than the majority of the other well know STI’s, but there has been an increase in syphilis over the last few years so providing a syphilis test is necessary. The timespan of infection and the start of the initial symptoms can be up to 90 days. Syphilis is known to develop in three distinct stages, from the primary stage to the latent stage. Syphilis is transmitted through close sexual contact, which can include oral sex. It is important to get tested as a woman because is can also be transmitted from a mother to an unborn baby. Syphilis, as with many other STI’s, can be prevented with the correct use of condoms. You may experience painless red sores called ‘chancre’ which will disappear after 6 weeks even if left untreated.

Secondary symptoms will take several weeks or possibly months to develop after the sores have disappeared without treatment. A rash on the palms of the hands and bottom the feet may occur which does not itch. You will also experience flu-like symptoms, loss of appetite and patchy hair loss. Latent stage syphilis symptoms develop if left untreated over some years and it will spread through the entire body affecting all major organs. After using a home syphilis test kit, and where syphilis is found, it can be easily treated in the first couple of stages with antibiotic tablets, so don’t worry! Once syphilis has been treated with success it will not come back unless you go on to become infected again.

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